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The Impact of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program in Ventura County.

Below is a very tiny sampling of what our clients are saying.  These comments came to us through our client feedback technology Open Line. Every month any individual who has contacted us receives an electronic invitation from Open Line to provide feedback to us.  Each month thereafter, they receive a check-in email just in case they have a problem or need to talk to us.  This has accelerated our ability to respond quickly without increasing staff or overhead.

“I can't say enough good things about the Ombudsman program - they're here when we need them (we, meaning the residents and the staff both), and they're worth their weight in gold. I enthusiastically endorse this group of people, and hope that the new legislation works to keep them coming back. I'll do anything I can to help that process. 
(Jack Jessop-Ellis, Director of Nursing St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital

 “I was so stressed out a few weeks ago when Kaiser Hospital was releasing my father back to the nursing home in Thousand Oaks where he had been living. The nursing home refused to take him back. To make a very long story short, Sylvia got right on the phone when I called her and gave me the administrator’s name at the nursing home and had her staff text me the regulations regarding inappropriate discharge so I was able to address this with the administrator. It took only an hour and my father was on his way back to the nursing home. I can't tell you how much my family and I were helped and relieved from stress about our father. Thank you! You are all a godsend.” (Ron Garcia) 

 “Thank you for giving me back my life.  My daughter took over my finances and put me in a facility.  I had nowhere to turn until I spoke with your Ombudsman.  She helped me get an attorney, who revoked the powers of attorney I had given my daughter when I had surgery, and stop the draining of my bank accounts.  Without your assistance, I don’t know what I would have done”.  (Name withheld -90 year old resident)

“My 80 year old friend was sexually abused in the nursing home where she was living. She was very afraid and would not tell anyone.  Your Ombudsman visited her, and noticed that she seemed fearful. The Ombudsman talked with her and my friend finally shared what had happened.  She had not even told us.  The Ombudsman gave her the encouragement she needed to call the police and file a formal complaint.  As a result of your actions, the caregiver was arrested.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for what you did for her.  She is her old self again.” (Name withheld)

“I would like to compliment your staff (Kathy) on providing timely, accurate and appropriate information related to my specific issues and concerns. She returned my calls promptly, provided the information I needed, and referred me to other resources in the community which were helpful. Thank you!”(D. Court)

“I had called because I needed to place my dad in a skilled nursing facility very quickly. I had visited 2 and was debating. You gave me ideas of questions to ask and things to look for. I had done this for my mom in 2001 but felt better informed this time. It is so good to know that you are not alone in this process. I am an only child and have to make all of these decisions on my own. This program is very reassuring and helpful. (P Allen)

Open Line Comments on Toxic Medicine Symposium & Culture of Comfort Workshop.

Culture of Comfort Workshop

Toxic Medicine Symposium

As a lay person (daughter of a nursing facility resident), I want to compliment you for putting forth this issue with great passion from entire team of Ombudsmen and speakers. Very informative and stimulating. From 'my side of the fence', I have heard lots of talk from administrators and doctors re: what they heard as well. You got the fire of reform going!
(Caregiver, daughter of mother with Alzheimer’s)

An amazing day. I appreciated the size of the audience. Awareness about the potential dangers of psychoactive drugs clearly increased, as evidenced by comments made by participants throughout the day. Great to have CDPH regulators on hand, as well as so many ombudspersons. Best part of the day: hearing from the Administrator of The Beatitudes. We must have workable examples of how to treat behaviors without drugs, and The Beatitudes is just that: a good example.  (Senior Service Provider)

10! Thank you so much for shedding light on an issue that shamefully lives in the shadows of our long term care system. The Symposium began very important discussion that while extremely sensitive, needs to be moved forward before we lose the momentum gained that day. On behalf of the District, we continue to be interested in learning more and becoming part of this critically important movement for change. Please tell us how we can help
(Senior Service Provider)

The symposium was extremely enlightening and presented excellent information from a variety of well-informed individuals. I obtained new knowledge about a subject that I was not well acquainted with and now feel much more aware of the extent of this devastating problem.
(Senior Advocate)

The symposium was educational. I will also buy the book. The speakers were very knowledgeable and their presentation professional. I want to continue to learn and encourage the Ombudsman program for more symposiums. During the day's presentation I could not help but look around at who was there. It felt like I was in church. All of us were there because we made a decision to become informed on behalf of the most vulnerable. We must continue to get better at taking care of people.
(Senior Advocate)

Outstanding gathering of a concerned community. Praise to VC Ombudsman for an amazing accomplishment. Arguments need to be heard about debatable med or legal perspectives. Psych meds do have benefits but at what cost? Legal interventions are beneficial but at what cost? Not $, all factors. I want to hear a debate, the science and the personal stories on both sides. Nevertheless, its clear that any lack of informed consent in medication administration is troubling. I hope we can engage key people in the effort to address that problem. Open to all ideas. Keep me posted on the next steps. Thank you very much Sylvia et al for reminding me of what I need to know. It’s humbling but it’s a very good thing. I thank you, 
(Superior Court Mediator)

I really want to thank you all for the conference information. I think it was well attended and the information was valuable on what focus your organization and others will be working towards in the future. I do feel that more information about the drugs could have been given. I hope that when you have the opportunity to plan another conference & that it will have additional break out sessions that specifically address many of the drugs used with the elderly and that this information is more adequately defined for the audience. I would like to see a medical professional and/or pharmacist run a few of the sessions and that visual presentations/examples are incorporated. This will help many of us who are auditory and visual learners.  Thank You
(Licensing, Analyst)

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