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Answers To Your questions

Who is an Ombudsman?
An Ombudsman (om-budz-man) a Swedish derivative, is a person who represents individuals and advocates for their rights. A long term care Ombudsman is a specially trained and certified individual who advocates for quality care for the elderly residents in long term care facilities.

What does a long term care Ombudsman do?

He or she acts on behalf of residents in nursing homes and long term care facilities, to ensure that residents are receiving quality care. The Ombudsman identifies, investigates, and resolves complaints by or on behalf of the residents in either nursing facilities or board and care homes.

What is long term care?
When an individual can no longer live independently, a decision must be made about the best arrangement for care. In the case of many frail elderly persons, care will be needed over the long term because of the onset of chronic illnesses or disabling conditions.

What kinds of long term care are available?
There are three distinct levels of long term care ranging from least intensive to most intensive care needs, and there are three distinctive types of long term care facilities.

* Residential Care Facility for the Elderly - sometimes called a "board and care home" - provides room, board, supervision and supportive care to persons 62 years of age and older. It is a non-medical facility but is still licensed, regulated, and inspected by the State to make sure that the care provided meets pre-established requirements under law.

Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) is a health facility that provides in- patient care for those who have need for skilled nursing supervision and need supportive care, but who do not require continuous nursing care. It provides a level of care which is considered to be "intermediate" or in the middle between a residential care facility for the elderly and a skilled nursing facility.


* Skilled Nursing Facility - often referred to as a "nursing home" - provides 24-hour skilled nursing care to patients whose primary need is for such care on an extended basis. Such facilities provide 24-hour in- patient care, as a minimum, but also include other services such as dietary and pharmaceutical services; skilled nursing and physician services; an activity program; and various therapeutic services. Such facilities provide the most intensive level or type of long term care.

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