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dvds - caring for a loved one

12 DVD Series For the Caregiver

Long Term Care Services of Ventura County Ombudsman Program is especially pleased to introduce its newest project - a 12 DVD set program “Caring for a Loved One at Home – for the new or inexperienced caregiver”.

A short clip from Rehabilitative & Restorative Care.

This DVD program, which has been 2 years in the making, and is offered to churches, libraries, senior centers, agencies serving the elderly and their in-home caregivers, and any individuals who, with no preparation or training, find themselves suddenly plunged into the role of providing care for a loved one at home.

Make a donation to Long Term Care Services Ombudsman Program and receive any one of the 12 DVD Series from list below or place a request for the entire series.

If you cannot afford a donation, call our office to make special arrangements to receive the DVD of your choice. (805) 656-1986.


For the New or Inexperienced Caregiver or as a Refresher.

(see below, Part 1 through Part 12)

Suggested donation is $55.00 for Full Set.

Major funding for Caring for a Loved One at Home provided by
Ventura County Area Agency on Aging

Caring For A Loved One At Home

Each DVD is approximately 60 minutes in length. Shipped only to Continental USA. USPS Standard Shipping (3 - 7 days) Usually ships in 1 business day from Ventura, CA, excluding holidays and weekends.

Suggested donation is $5.00 for each DVD.
Please note you will only be able to order and pay for one DVD at a time.

Part 1

Qualities of a Successful Caregiver and Patients Rights

Understanding your strengths and limitations; when to ask for help and how to make sure you get enough rest and recreation; Flexibility and nutritional needs of caregiver; Appreciating and supporting patient’s rights.

Part 2

Communication and Record Keeping

Understanding and applying the five basic needs of human beings; keeping detailed records; what information to provide medical professionals.

Part 3

Creating a Safe Environment

When and where most falls in the home occur; many accidents attributed to side effects of medication and alcohol; how confusion and poor memory add to accidents in the home.

Part 4

Moving and Transporting/ Preventing and Treating Infections

Body mechanics; how caregivers can use their bodies efficiently and carefully to avoid injury when providing care; use of pillows to avoid skin injury; importance of turning patient often to avoid skin breakdown.

Part 5

Providing Personal Care

Assisting with bathing, oral care, toileting; difference in morning and evening care; keeping bed linens clean; bowel and bladder elimination; catheter care.

Parts 6&7

Caring the Skin, Care Procedures for the Bedridden, Checking Vital Signs

How skin breaks down and how to prevent it; decubitus ulcers (bed sores) stages — how to treat and prevent them; positioning in bed and chairs to prevent bed sores; keeping skin dry; which moisturizers to use and how to apply them.

Part 8

Diets and Food Preparation/Planning for Emergencies

Common nutritional needs; knowing when assistance is required with eating; proper diet for different conditions; using the food pyramid; diet and aging.

Part 9

Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

What to do when your loved one has dementia; how to maintain a loving relationship; symptoms of dementia; dealing with everyday issues of dementia.

Part 10

Medication and Effects of Aging

Effects of aging; physical and mental changes; genetics and aging; medication and side effects for seniors; the three stages of aging.

Part 11

Rehabilitative & Restorative Care

How to promote independence through rehabilitation; complications of inactivity; common comfort and adaptive devices to assist in restoration; responsibility and role of in-home caregiver in restorative care.

Part 12

Death & Dying

End of life – normal stage; psychological, emotional, spiritual needs; attitudes about death; the five stages of death.


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