Support the Ombudsman Program Through The Ralphs Community Contribution Program

We are excited to announce that the Long Term Care Services of Ventura County Ombudsman Program is now participating in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program. This partnership allows you to support our mission effortlessly whenever you shop at Ralphs. By linking your Ralphs Shopper’s Card to our program, a portion of your spending will be donated to us annually without any additional cost to you.

How to Participate

Link Your Shopper’s Card

Visit the Ralphs website or use their mobile app to log into your digital account. Go to the Community Contributions section and link your Shopper’s Card to the Long Term Care Services of Ventura County Ombudsman Program

Shop at Ralphs

Use your Shopper’s Card every time you shop at Ralphs. Your transactions will automatically contribute to our program.

Automatic Donations

Ralphs will calculate the total spending of all participants and donate a percentage of your spending to our program annually.

Why Participate?

Effortless Giving

Support our mission without spending extra money. Simply shop as you usually do.

Impactful Contribution

Your everyday purchases help us advocate for and protect the rights and well-being of long-term care residents in Ventura County.

Community Support

Strengthen our community by ensuring our elders receive the care and respect they deserve.

Woman Using Ralphs Card

About our Program

The Long Term Care Services of Ventura County Ombudsman Program tirelessly advocates for the rights and well-being of residents in long-term care facilities. We provide support, investigate complaints, and ensure that these residents live in safe, respectful environments. Your participation in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program helps us continue this vital work.

Get Started Today

Link your Shopper’s Card to our program and make a difference with everyday purchases. For more information and to register your card, visit the Ralphs Community Contribution Program page.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more details on how the Ralphs Community Contribution Program works, including how to link your Shopper’s Card and other common questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for your support in helping us protect and advocate for our community’s elders.

Ways to Get Involved

Become a Volunteer

Help us ensure that long term care residents receive ready access to someone who car es and is trained and certified to act on their behalf. You can become a volunteer ombudsman and make a difference in our community.

Donate Today!

Your support can help ensure that every resident has an advocate and can live in a safe and healthy environment. Funds donated to Long Term Care Ombudsman, a 501C3 public benefit corporation, are tax deductible.